We started our company with mobile electrohydraulic systems, and this area remains a highlight of our expertise & experience. We have worked on projects for all types of applications including portable mining equipment, airport runway cleaners, cement mixing trucks and many more. The space constraints and energy efficiency requirements for mobile applications call for unique control systems. Working with both world-class manufacturers Danfoss PLUS+1™ GUIDE and Eaton Pro-FX, we can select the best control option for your requirements.

Bulk Explosive Truck:

  • Bulk explosive trucks mix explosives on site for surface mining operations
  • Up to six components precisely blended and delivered to pre-drilled holes
  • Closed loop PID control produces accurate and dependable steady state blending operations to allow for minimal waste while ensuring an explosive mixture
  • Automatic or manual hose reel control
  • Boom control via integrated joystick
  • All components are tracked by volume to ensure accuracy and safety
  • Danfoss Plus+1 controllers and displays in custom built two control panel assemblies
  • In-cab and truck mounted control panels with displays for versatility
  • BME is the most significant surface mining services company in southern Africa with hundreds of bulk explosive vehicles in use, and they depend on Elite Controls for all of their control system needs


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