Danfoss PLUS+1 Connect. A cohesive, connected experience.

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Did you know that Danfoss Power Solutions has released a full expansion of its complete end-to-end connectivity solution, PLUS+1® Connect? The software platform provides all the elements necessary for OEMs to easily implement an effective connected solutions strategy, improving productivity, decreasing cost of ownership and supporting sustainability initiatives.

Danfoss identified a need for a comprehensive solution from one trusted source. PLUS+1® Connect combines telematics hardware, software infrastructure, user-friendly interface, and API integration on a single cloud platform to provide one cohesive, connected experience.

PLUS+1® Connect opens the door to a wide variety of value-adding applications. These can include anything from basic asset management to monitoring maintenance schedules and machine usage.

Fleet managers can either set maintenance intervals for their machines or monitor connectivity status such as engine status, battery voltage and fluid levels. Any of these can directly contribute toward avoiding costly downtime, but in a simpler manner than traditional methods.

Key features include:

  • Single cloud platform — All telematics components and services are connected on the same platform, streamlining the entire implementation process. This allows new services to be developed and added to meet evolving customer needs.
  • User-friendly — Installation and activation processes are simple, removing complexities traditionally associated with telematics solutions.
  • Versatile — PLUS+1® Connect is applicable to various machines and use cases, whether for asset management purposes or to track usage hours.
  • Flexible and secure — PLUS+1® Connect was developed as an in-house Danfoss solution, and is a reliable, modular platform.

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*Content provided by Danfoss Power Solutions