Danfoss PLUS+1 XL104 Controller Product Release

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Breaking news – Danfoss PLUS+1 has just released their XL104 Controller series. If you are looking for the latest technology for the highest end performance, these controllers will get the job done. Offering a high I/O pin count, you can count on optimal vehicle control of your machine with ability to fit in some of the most complex machines.

These controllers are designed to provide flexible, expandable, powerful and cost-effective total machine management systems for a extensive variety of vehicle applications. With a modular concept, the XL controller permits flexibility for a wide range of various needs within the same products. In need of high power? These controllers employ a 32bit processor, allowing a speedy single cycle processing speed.

Product Features provided by Danfoss PLUS+1:

  • 4 pin DEUTSCH DTP connector for power and ground
  • 2 x 50 pin DEUTSCH DRC connectors
  • Processor: AURIX 32 bit running at 200 MHz 2.5 MB flash, 240kB RAM, Lock Step Core
  • External memory:
    • 32 kB EEPROM non-volatile memory
    • 64 MB Flash vault memory
  • 12 bit analog-to-digital converter
  • 7 to 36 Vdc power supply, monitored internally
  • Sensor power output for external sensors each are rated at 5 Vdc to 500mA:
    • 1x 5V Fixed
    • 1x 3V to 12V variable
  • 3 CAN 2.0B ports
  • SIL2 compliant
  • 48 inputs
  • 40 outputs

Ready to program your XL controller in your machine? With Danfoss’ easy-to-learn PLUS+1 GUIDE software, you can be pleasantly impressed with the minimal effort required. Note that the XL104 comes in a standard 104 pin housing, but it is available in various depopulated variants. As a proud partner of Danfoss PLUS+1, Elite Controls can help with your controller needs. Please contact us to get started with your next project.