Danfoss Service Tool 101

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When working on a Danfoss control system, having a laptop with the Danfoss Service Tool is an absolute must.  The service tool is used for downloading programs, changing parameters and diagnosing system troubles.  The ability to see real time data as well as log this data becomes invaluable when tuning or fixing a down machine.

How do I get this service tool on my laptop?  The tool is easily downloaded from the Danfoss website. Simply visit this link: https://www.danfoss.com/en/products/software/dps/plus1-software/plus1-service-tool/#Overview Following the download instructions will install the application on your computer.

How do I connect the Service Tool to my system?  There are two ways in which you can connect to your Danfoss system.  First, you can use a Danfoss CG150 gateway.  This cable allows you to plug directly into a CAN port on your network with a USB end for your laptop.  This is the most reliable way to connect.

I don’t have a CG150 gateway, what do I do?  You are also able to connect to your system through the display (if your system has one).  Some smaller displays such as the DP250 are equipped with a USB port in the front of the display.  You simply plug the USB cord in to your laptop at one end and the display at the other.  If your system is equipped with a DP700 series display, there is an M12 plug in the rear that can be wired to a USB end to plug directly into your laptop.

Ok, I’m connected, now what?  Now you are able to do multiple things.  If you need to download a new program, select the ECU and download the appropriate program.  If you need to set or change parameters, select the one that you wish to change and enter your new values.  If you need to troubleshoot an issue then use your log functions.  You can see all of the data being fed into your Danfoss controllers to know what is causing your issue.  If you are seeing erratic data or no data at all for a particular function, you could have a bad sensor or even a wiring problem.

The Danfoss Service Tool makes your life easy with everything it can help you do.  Still not confident in your ability to connect to the system and make changes or troubleshoot?  Give us a call!  One of our expert engineers at Elite Controls would be more than happy to assist you with anything related to your Danfoss system.