Danfoss Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) in the Food & Beverage Industry

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Elite Controls is proud to partner with Danfoss as an authorized distributor of Danfoss Vacon and VLT drives. Elite Controls works with many different industries and applications to figure out the best solution to implement VFDs for energy savings, increased control of an application and optimized performance.  In the food & beverage industry, we see many applications where Danfoss VFDs have made an impact.

Bottling Application

In a bottling plant that produced over 400 million bottles of water per year, Danfoss VLT OneGearDrives were used to control two new automatic bottling lines. The journey on the bottling lines begins with sourcing of caps and preform bottles, then traveling to a filler where the bottles are filled with water and finally a labeling machine. 40 VLT OneGearDrives were positioned along the transport system and corresponded with Danfoss VLT AutomationDrives for variable speed control of all motors within the system. The variability of speed allowed just one motor to be used with three gear ratios available – therefore giving options for speed of all the typical conveyor drives used in the industry.

Citrus Tree Irrigation

Irrigation is often costly for many farmers especially if they are dealing with fluctuating rainfall conditions. To reduce expenses, the Danfoss Vacon 100 X AC Drive was used to develop an irrigation system powered by renewable energy. The Vacon 100 X can be provided with an outdoor enclosure to withstand harsh weather environments outdoors. The VACON drive helped to utilize the maximum available energy from the photovoltaic solar panels, and started control of the pumps and compressors as soon as the sun started to shine in the morning, providing energy and cost savings to the farm operation.

Grape Harvesting

A key to harvesting grapes for wine is the destemming process which impacts the wine’s flavor and quality. Depending on the terrain of the winery, grapes may be destemmed by the grape harvester or they may be hand-picked and sent through a separate destemming process.  When looking to modernize their destemming equipment, one winery used a Danfoss VLT drive to control the speed of rotation of the large basket grapes fall into and a rotating spike cylinder gently separates the grapes from the stem.  The VFD was important in this application because it allowed the operator to slightly adjust the speed of rotation by a few percent using a keypad in the control cabin.  This allowed the desired versatility so the destemming machine could be used for grapes that had been handpicked or for grapes harvested by a mechanical harvester.

As one can see from the applications above, the use of VFDs may be limited only by the creativity of the designers.  At Elite Controls, we work personally to help customers design a system and select the right VFD solution for the best result in their application.