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Simplicity with Decentralized Concepts

A decentralized automation concept distributes controls to process tasks effectively in less time. This type of concept works especially well for machine automation.

To ensure the most successful electrical installation, it is important to choose a concept in which connections are made in the most cost-efficient way possible. This can be achieved by paying attention to the life cycle of the machine and how it will benefit those who will operate the system.

With simpler wiring setups, planning, programming, and assembly, manufacturers can determine an easier, more economical solution to electrical installation. Decentralized automation takes up less space in the control cabinet and is designed to be safe throughout the entirety of the concept. In addition, this application offers various options of modularization, faster machine delivery, and less time per commission.

Machine and plant operators will find ease of use with these systems too. Decentralized automation allows operators to find errors with simplicity, replace components for easy maintenance, and shorten machine downtime while increasing output.

Solutions From Murrelektronik

Murrelektronik can assist in finding the best automation solution for your particular applications. With their expertise in automation technology and decentralized field installation, they can advise throughout the entire process to find the optimal solution for your needs.

All parties benefit from this installation concept. Find the most cost-effective, high-performing advantages for your company while also providing your engineers and team with easy-to-use software and configuration transferring. Troubleshooting and correction is made simple, as well.

MFK Fusion Fieldbus Module

Machines and plants are steadily becoming more modularized, such as the single compact PROFINET/PROFIsafe module. MVK Fusion and Murrelektronik have produced a fieldbus which requires less modules per modular unit:

The MVK Fusion fieldbus module from Murrelektronik is designed to be utilized in a wide variety of applications. This module uses “push-pull connection technology” for fast, stress-free installation which simplifies assembly and cuts down assembly time.