Featuring Murphy’s PowerView Displays

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Have you heard of Murphy’s PowerView displays?

They are relentless in the pursuit of improved user experiences and performance-enhancing technology with display solutions that boast ease-of-use, intuitive design and rich customization. With best-in-class viewability and a wide range of sizes, there’s a PowerView display perfectly suited for any mechanical or electronic engine or equipment application.

PowerView Edge-to-Edge Displays – All glass full-color touch screen displays packed with the latest features. The PowerView family of edge-to-edge displays bring the latest in technology and design to any application without compromising on usesability or protection. Designed for use with or without gloves, in bright sunlight or harsh weather, the glass-front PowerView family of edge-to-edge displays have a display for any size application.

PowerView Tactile-Button Displays – Color and monochrome displays featuring tactile keypad buttons. The PowerView family of tactile-button displays give operators comfortable controls designed for use without or without gloves. PowerView displays are built strong with robust protection against harsh environments and best-in-class screens for unstrained viewability in bright sunlight. Bring user-friendly control to your application, with PowerView tactile-button displays.

As a brand that represents 80+ years of reliable innovation for critical engine monitoring and control, Elite Controls is proud to provide Murphy displays and help you find the one that best suits your application’s needs.  

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