First Steps Guide to Implementing the Danfoss PLUS+1® Service Tool

First Steps Guide to Implementing the Danfoss PLUS+1® Service Tool

The Danfoss PLUS+1® GUIDE Service Tool provides the ability to monitor and tune the operation of all modules on a PLUS+1® network.  Standard features of the Service Tool include bar graph displays, oscilloscope displays for trending and tuning, and data export to spreadsheet tools.

User-defined graphics allow the Service Tool to have a proprietary look and feel.  Use this important tool for data logging, read and write access to tuning parameters, real time access to PLUS+1 controller operation, remote access to any module on the PLUS+1® network.

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9 Steps To Implement The Danfoss PLUS+1® Service Tool


Download and install the PLUS+1® Service Tool on your PC.


Ensure you have a completed controller application or diagnostic file to use within the PLUS+1® Service Tool.


Check for proper hardware to download controller applications

  • One PLUS+1® CG150-2 or PLUS+1® DP series display (or a similar third party CAN communication device)
  • One 12 to 24 VDC 55 mA power supply


CAN Hardware installation – It is necessary to install CAN driver software before using the PLUS+1® Service Tool.

  • Plug in the PLUS+1® CG150-2 USB cable to the PC USB port. The Hardware Wizard searches for and installs CAN software. This may take several minutes.

  • Click Close to close the Driver Software Installation dialog. The following message appears when installation is complete.


Setting up the gateway to controllers, can use a variety of options to connect depending on your hardware:

  • PLUS+1® CG150-2 USB/CAN Gateway Interface Communicator
  • PLUS+1® DP Series Display USB/CAN gateway
  • PLUS+1® telematics
  • Third party Gateway devices via the RP1210 standard


Install and select protocols using the Manage Protocols


In order to interface with an ECU application, a service application file is needed. Service application files can contain both Log and Parameter pages. There are two ways to open service application files in the PLUS+1® Service Tool application.

  • Manual load service application files
  • Scan for service application files


Use the log pages to:

  • Monitor application activity
  • Enable data logging to file
  • Export log data to Microsoft Excel


Use the parameter pages to:

  • Download and upload profiles & parameters
  • Import & export created parameter files
  • Generate database reports of parameter values

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For step-by-step instructions, see download the Elite Controls Service Installation Guide!