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Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter

The new flowmeter MIM was developed for measuring and monitoring smaller- and medium-sized flow of conductive liquids in pipes.

Mass Flowmeter

The MAS model mass flowmeter makes very precise measurements of the mass flow rate of gases in different measuring ranges from 0-10 Nml/min to 0-500
Nl/min nitrogen.

Modular, Compact Inline Flowmeter

The flowmeter KME is dedicated for accurate metering and monitoring of compressed air and technical gases.

Kobold Flowmeters

Elite Controls partners with Kobold to provide a variety of flow control options. Kobold has developed a series of flow meters & sensors, which can be used in a wide variety of working environments. These flow sensors and flow meters can be optimized for a wide range of liquids, gases, temperatures, solutions, pressure ratios and flow rates. Thus, the right solution can be found for every application area.

Product Options

  • Variable Area Flowmeters
  • Float-Type Flowmeters
  • Displacer Flowmeters
  • Viscosity Compensated Flowmeters
  • Rotating Vane Flowmeters
  • Mass Flowmeters
  • Ultramagnetic Flowmeters
  • and many more…

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