Meet our latest partner, DENCO Fuses!

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Elite Controls, Inc. is proud to provide products manufactured by DENCO Fuses, our latest manufacturing partner. DENCO Fuses has been manufacturing for the last thirty years with state-of-the-art German technology. Their factory rigidly conforms to the internationally recognized standard for quality ISO 9001:2015, and DENCO Fuses complies with all of the accepted international standards, such as VDE, DIN, CSA, UL,NEMA, IEEE, ANSI and ISO.

Their wide variety of fuses range from:

  • Distribution fuses
  • Euro-fuses
  • Oil-immersible fuses
  • Ultra-rapid fuses
  • Special purpose fuses

DENCO Fuses’ focused markets include:

  • Public transportation: Whether it be Heavy Rail, Light Rail, Metro Transit Systems, Locomotives, Trolley Rail, Trolley Bus, Substations, Mining vehicles or any other DC Rail applications. DENCO Fuses has been designing and manufacturing DC fuses suitable for all your circuit protection requirements since 1988.
  • Utility/Power Companies: DENCO Fuses understands that power companies don’t just run to their local hardware store to pick up the materials they require to build their plants and power grid. That is why DENCO Fuses offers custom design and manufacturing of one-off fuses for our clientele specifically designed for their applications. They offer this along with all the standard fuses manufactured and utilized today for circuit protection of power generation facilities.
  • OMS/Specialty Custom Design: We follow all Internationally recognized standards and specs to design when developing one-of-a-kind fuses for their clients. The main focus is to protect their applications and systems from short circuits and spikes with our current-limiting fuses. From Primary Fuses, Backup Fuses, and Full Range fuses, they can safely design a fuse product suitable to your application utilizing your specs given.
  • Electrical Contractors: Take a look at what they have to offer for your electrical fuse, circuit protection requirements. DENCO Fuses manufactures and covers key elements in protective fuse devices suitable to your job site requirements. From underground line distribution fuses and protection of commercial and residential buildings. Let us know how we can help keep your assets operating safely with our current limiting, circuit protection fuse products.

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