Motor Controllers

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Looking for a motor controller? To find the right one for your application, it is important to understand the different types and their capabilities.

There are four basic motor controllers and drives: AC, DC, servomotor, and stepper. Motor controllers and drives regulate motor speed, torque, and position outputs electrically. These terms are often used interchangeably because controller circuits and drive circuits are combined frequently as one whole unit.

This blog describes each basic motor controller and its functions:

AC (alternating current)

Used primarily in process applications, these types of electronic devices modify the input power to motors using various frequencies. Adjusting the frequency of power regulates the output speed and torque. These motor controllers and drives, known as variable speed drives, can be used to control the speeds of pumps, fans, blowers, and more. AC motor drives increase efficiency by setting speeds to exactly match the application requirements.

DC (direct current)

DC motor controllers and drives are used to control motor speeds and torques for machine tools, electric vehicles, pumps, and more. They adjust the constant or alternating current source to a pulsed, direct current output of varying pulse duration or frequency to modify the input power. These motors are especially fitting for winches and cranes due to their quality low-speed torque.


Servomotors are commonly used for machine tools, micro-positioning, robotics, conveyors, and more. These devices use feedback to control acceleration, position, and velocity. Servomotors may be AC or DC driven, requiring controllers and drivers for their operation.


Stepper motor controllers and drives adjust constant or alternating current sources to a ‘stepped” current output. Used commonly in machine tools, micro-positioning, and robotics, these motor controllers do not require a feedback loop like servomotors.

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