AAMCOR Case Study

A mining equipment specialist company known as AAMCOR, has been a customer of Elite Controls, Inc. (ECI) from when they were doing business as Logical Control Concepts. Since 2006, this [...]

Don’t miss Elite Controls, Inc. at the 2019 Offshore Technology Conference!

The 2019 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is right around the corner! It also happens to be its 50th anniversary! This year, Elite Controls, Inc. is showcasing at OTC alongside some amazing [...]

Wiring Harnesses 101

A wiring harness is an assembly of electrical cables or wires which transmit signals or electrical power throughout an application. They are used in numerous applications and industries where you [...]

How do you size a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)?

Step 1: Understanding motor nameplate – the figure below shows “VOLTS 230/460” and “FLA (full load amps) 13.4/6.7” This indicates that the motor uses 13.4 FLA at 230 Volts AC while using only 6.7 [...]

How to Select the Right Motor Starter

When figuring out a power solution for an application, engineers are faced with a plethora of options, from the type of motors to how they are controlled.  This article breaks down the three [...]

The Cobot Revolution and Encoders that Make Them Function

No, that’s not a typo. Collaborative robots = cobots. Cobots are robots designed to interact with human workers in a shared workspace. In contrast to traditional industrial robots, cobots are [...]

Elite Controls, Inc. Receives UL 508A Panel Certification

Houston, Texas, December 5, 2018 – Elite Controls, Inc. (ECI) is proud to announce accreditation as a UL 508A Certified panel shop.  The ECI team completed the necessary training and process [...]

First Steps Guide to Implementing the Danfoss PLUS+1® Service Tool

How Electric Motors Work

It can be easy to forget the value of the modern-day electric motor. From the experiments of Benjamin Franklin to later developments with electromagnets, electric motors have developed into the [...]

Six Steps for a Perfect Electric Motor Installation

So, you’ve ordered an electric motor for your application. Before you begin the installation process, check out the following steps for perfect installation. Handling & Storage First, inspect [...]

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