PLC vs. Mobile Microcontroller

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When it comes to application demands, it can be challenging to know the right controller needed for your solution. At Elite Controls, we want to help our customers meet these demands with a clear understanding of our systems and their features. If you’ve ever wondered if a programmable logic controller (PLC) or a microcontroller is better for your application, realizing the differences is crucial to best suit your needs.

  • PLC’s are mostly used in industrial applications where the requirements are usually longer and generally use ethernet for communication. They are used to automate control processes such as operation of an HPU (hydraulic power unit), motors, pumps, and other functions in manufacturing environments.  
  • Microcontrollers are specifically designed for mobile applications. They use a CAN based network rather than ethernet, giving them the ability to pull data directly from an engine of a truck. More device connections can be accomplished by adding an additional controller or using CAN devices that plug directly in the network.

For a more in-depth overview of the differences between these two controllers, watch our video.

Whether it’s a PLC or a microcontroller, Elite Controls has the experience and expertise to build a complete turnkey system for your control application. Contact Elite Controls for assistance with your automation needs.