Control System for Mobile Cellular Concrete Mix Plant


Control System for Mobile Cellular Concrete Mix Plant.

Elite Controls was tasked with designing and building an entire control system for a mobile cellular concrete mix plant. This control system needed to improve the current system by providing more feedback for the operator as well as offer more safety controls.

The customer required specific customization to ensure accurate functionality. This mix plant allows full customization from the operator and accurately blends five different components to produce a mixture of the desired density. The system needed to be controlled as a fully closed loop.

Elite Controls’ customized control system allows the customer to provide more flexibility for the operators and a more precise control of additives. The customer can view in real time what is going on in their mix plants as well as save up to a dozen mix designs

Key Components:

  • Danfoss DM 1200 touch screen display – new display from Danfoss offering full daylight viewability and high resolution
  • HBC Wireless remote-control – hand-held remote that has a full display screen to view operating parameters, giving the operator full control of the truck from the remote
  • Two SC50-020 Danfoss controllers
  • Elevat IoT telematics system for data recording to the cloud, with live data viewing available through a custom designed portal

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