Elevat IOT


Maximize Utilization, Output, and Productivity

Elevat IOT

Elevāt is an Industrial IoT company focused on connecting the industrial world. Elevāt specializes in connecting fleets of machines, and enabling the flow of data between operators, distributors, OEMs.


  • Fleet Management – Intuitive dashboards to give a complete view of your in-field assets
  • Operational efficiency – Automate processes to save money and time
  • Intelligent maintenance – Predictive to avoid downtime and failures
  • Analytics – Run powerful reports to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Seamless deployment – Roll out and start using the system in an hour instead of the typical days, weeks or months associated with new applications
  • No coding – fully customizable and configurable platform that requires zero software programming
  • REST API – easily connect with your business systems, i.e. ERP, CRM, and Field Service Automation tools


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