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Our vision is to become a “Global Leader” in the heavy industries sector. Four decades ago that vision was only a dream, but after transforming an empty stretch of beach into the world’s largest shipyard, that dream has become a reality. Our vision is a vast bridge connecting “reality” and “future” and has ultimately allowed us to lead in our field. This vision is a part of the “Hyundai Spirit”: Creative Wisdom, Positive Thinking, and Unwavering Drive.


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Expertise to Build your Mobile Control System

Using Danfoss PLUS+1™ GUIDE microcontroller systems, we can custom design a control system for your application. Our extensive experience with Danfoss makes us a trusted partner and global premier supplier for Danfoss PLUS+1™ GUIDE applications.

We Work as an Extension of your Engineering Department to:

  • Understand your application
  • Write programs to control all functions of your machine
  • Build control panels
  • Manage install and test of hardware & software
  • Build portal for telematics to remotely monitory equipment ideal for preventative maintenance and troubleshooting

We know each project is unique and understand that our scope of work may be the complete package or just one component. We’re happy to work with you in a capacity that makes the most sense for your business.

Past Projects: What Can Control Systems Do for Your Equipment

Example from our sewer cleaning truck project:

  • Integrated with Danfoss Plus+1 controllers using CAN bus
  • High resolution & visibility in direct sunlight
  • Up to six cameras without the need for a video multiplexer
  • J1939 engine communications, including diagnostic messaging and retrieval
  • Exceptional gauge packages
  • On screen control system diagnostics