What goes into control panel design?

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At Elite Controls, we pride ourselves in developing brand-new, custom control systems, as well as upgrading and replacing older systems for a variety of industries and environments. Whether we are starting with an idea from scratch or are provided a complete set of drawings and specs to work with, we provide the highest quality products available within our industry. So, what exactly goes into an electrical control panel design?

Step 1: A thorough review of all technical documents with a rigorous Q&A session to confirm that every aspect of the project has been addressed in detail and, more importantly, establish the electrical control panel design guidelines for the project. During this step, questions focusing on the following topics are addressed:

  • Electrical codes
  • UL Label requirements
  • Desired NEMA rating

Step 2: Designing the control panel and production planning include the following steps:

  • Review customer’s design requirements
  • Select components and ensure they are correct for the application
  • Production of schematic drawings
  • Select appropriate enclosure and specified components to meet end-user’s requirements
  • Plan for production of panel once physical layout and schematic drawings are complete and approved

Step 3: Production of control panel

  • Use physical layout and schematic drawings to follow process exactly as planned
  • If problems arise, review with the designer to find the best solution

Step 4: Quality check

  • Our QA team follows a strict process of step-by-step guidelines when testing control panels. These guidelines include:
    • Verify every component against bill of materials
    • Verify correct voltage
    • Ensure every element is securely installed, checking for stray wires, etc.
    • Verify that all voltages and ground planes are within tolerance when powering up the control panel
    • Log any discrepancies, complete final assembly procedures and apply proper certifications

 With a state-of-the-art facility located in Houston, Texas, we can design and build panels for a wide range of applications. We proactively track all projects, with an impressive on-time delivery record. Our shop is designed with individual work cells providing flexibility for diverse types of jobs moving through the shop as well as allowing efficiencies for each panel assembler to complete their project promptly. Contact Elite Controls for all of your control panel design needs.