Wiring Harnesses 101

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A wiring harness is an assembly of electrical cables or wires which transmit signals or electrical power throughout an application. They are used in numerous applications and industries where you find multiple wires and cables such as: vehicles, construction machinery, aircraft, medical and manufacturing equipment, just to name a few.

When it comes to complex machinery utilizing several wires to function, designing a wiring harness can be a challenge. Many times, there are space constraints adding to the complexity.

However, there are many reasons to design and use a wiring harness instead of running multiple wires separately:

1.            A wiring harness protects conductors from environmental issues such as moisture, heat, cold or abrasion.

2.            The equipment is better protected from shorts and electrical fires when using a flame-retardant jacketing material through the wiring harness.

3.            Typically the wiring harness provides for a faster, easier installation that uses up less space than running separate wires.

Custom assembled wiring harnesses from ECI

At Elite Controls, Inc., we custom assemble all wiring harnesses with high quality components designed to client specifications. All wiring harnesses are tested prior to delivery. Questions? Contact us for your next custom wiring harness project today!