xtremeDB® PVG Valve Driver

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Integrating a PVG valve driver into your system can be challenging. The xtremeDB® PVG Valve Driver from Data Panel Corporation provides a simple, easier integration process. This particular variant is designed specifically to provide CAN communication to Danfoss PVG PVEA, PVEH, PVES, and PVEO valve coils. This PVG valve driver can turn a J1939 CAN message into a ratiometric signal, reduce I/O load on controllers, and eliminate the cost and complexity of CAN coils.

The xtremeDB® PVG Valve Driver has several different advantages to offer – networking, troubleshooting, installation and safety.

  • Networking: Easily integrate valve into CAN-controlled machine with less effort, fewer connections and better reliability.
  • Troubleshooting: Quickly identify potential source of system failures with the 20 on-board LED’s.
  • Installation: Wiring the valve is as fast as plugging one end of a cable into a PVE and the other end into a port on the xtremeDB.
  • Safety: Components made in a controlled environment reduces risk of improper assembly.


  • Drives PVE’s with their native ratiometric signal; no need to create an artificial ratiometric signal with PWM
  • Will drive up to 8 proportional coils (PVEA, PVEH, PVES) or 6 on/off (PVEO)
  • Allows for CAN control of any performance level of PVE
  • Compatible with all J1939 controllers
  • Preserves PVE error monitoring via broadcasting on the CANBUS
  • Reduces points of failure with pluggable connections
  • Increases the speed of installation

The xtremeDB® PVG Valve Driver is the ultimate mobile solution for both on and off-highway system applications. With these blocks installed in your vehicles, spiderweb harnesses will be eliminated to significantly reduce your wiring efforts and your cable runs to each device will be considerably shorter.

Elite Controls, Inc. is proud to partner with Data Panel, A Murrelektronik Company and Danfoss to provide superior valve drivers to meet your control system needs. Contact us for more information.

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